Published on: Sat 3, Mar 2018

Prior to the Inter-School Competition, Open Space Centre labored to establish the Debate Clubs in the different school and thereafter assign a mentor to each school for purposes of continuous practice and thereby betterment.

The schools selected for the program were ten and included the following;

Baptist High School

Luyanzi College School

Africana High School

Kinaawa High School

Mbogo Progressive High School

Kisubi Mapeera Secondary School

St. Joseph Girls, Nsambya

St. James Secondary School

Kisaasi College School

Bishops Cipriano Kihangire.S.S

Of the ten schools, only four had established and structured Debate Clubs. The four schools were; Baptist High School, Luyanzi College School, Kisubi Mapeera Secondary School and St. Joseph Girls, Nsambya. The six other schools needed to have Debate Clubs established and intense training. It should be noted that there are quite a number of schools that do not have debate as one of their co-cirrucular activities in spite of the Government endeavor to have it in every school.

From each school, a minimum of 15 students were trained. This was a Training of Trainers essentially as these students are now able to train fellow students on the principles of Debate with a focus on the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Debate Mentors that were assigned to each school were University students who have been through the Open Space University Debate Program. This is one of the ways by which to add a social responsibility for those at the University to pass on their skills to the younger ones in the Secondary Schools.

The Debate Mentors used during this activity were the following;

i. Ntambi Blair (IUIU Kampala Campus)

ii. Rachel Konso (Kyambogo University)

iii. Shabil Wabwire (Kyambogo University)

iv. Sebastian Ivan Segawa (Kyambogo University)

v. Kato Joseph (Kyambogo University)

vi. Dalton Joseph (Kyambogo University)

vii Nabirumbi Shifah (Kyambogo University)