Open Space strategically looks into its next 5 years

Published on: Tue 21, Mar 2017
Isabella Akiteng, UYONET, giving her analysis of the Strategic Plan

The organization embarked on its Strategic Plan formulation for the next five years (2017-2021) in mid-year 2016. The process involved the hiring of the consultant, Emmanuel Kitamirike who first of all did a program review of the organization programs for the last five years.

It is this review of the organization programs that thereby made up the content of the Strategic Plan. At this point in time, the document was in its draft stages and what followed was a team meeting to have our input as Open Space. Still at the draft stage, the final process was to engage the stakeholders to get their input as well on the plan.

The stakeholders? consultative meeting on the Strategic Plan was held on 31stJanuary, 2017 at the Eureka Place Hotel. It was attended by about 25 people from across the partner divide and their input toward the plan was a value.

There was attendance from International Alert, Students for Global Democracy, UYONET, UPFYA, IRI, Haven Anti-AIDS Foundation, Makerere University, Kyambogo University, Bavubuka Foundation, CEDA, Uganda Debate Society, KCCA and 2 Board Members.

The Strategic Plan was presented by the Team Leader, Wakibu Bunnya and the Finance Officer, Baliruno Joel. The presentation was thereafter followed by a panel discussion on the same which was moderated by the Assistant Team Leader, William Kyeyune.

The panelists were carefully selected civil society players who shared a more critical eye on the Plan and pointed out the key areas of concern. The Panelists were; Isabella Akiteng (UYONET), Joseph Munyangabo (IRI) and Emmy Otim (Board Member).

Some of the members in attendance
Some of the members in attendance

After the panel discussion, there was a plenary session moderated by the Mobilization Officer, Ashraf Kakaire where the members of the audience also shared their views. Also in attendance was the IT Officer, Mercy Nimusiima and the Assistant Finance Officer, Mercy Mone.