Published on: Thu 30, Nov 2017

The Private Education Development Network (PEDN) is an organization that offers a variety of youth programs personally tailored to train children and youth in areas of business, personal development, financial and entrepreneurial skills in an open and collaborative environment.

The first point of contact between PEDN and Open Space Centre was in 2015 at the National Youth Festival. PEDN, contacted by Ashraf Kakaire the Open Space Partnerships Officer, was at the Festival as an exhibitor. Owing to the value that they got from the Festival then, they participated in the next one in 2016 and the most recent one as well in 2017.

The interaction between PEDN and Open Space Centre grew with each passing year and the two organizations sought to work together on a program based arrangement other than activity based as it had always been. With this interest, the two organizations realized what strength they could bring on board to further the reach of the other.

PEDN's core reach are the students in Secondary School while Open Space's core reach are the students in Universities. Mark you that all these are categorized as youth. It is this difference in the core reach that has seen PEDN and Open Space Centre enter into a 3 year partnership where activities of PEDN will be included to the University reach and our activities will also be able to get to the Secondary School audiences.

In this way, both organizations have widened their area of influence without necessarily incurring the would be economies of scale. This is the beauty of partnerships.

As an organization, we seek to create even more of such relationships that will see us increase our effectiveness in empowering the youth population. In this same regard, we are working on partnerships with Faces Up Uganda, Urban TV to mention but a few.

I will end with the words of Henry Ford; "Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success"