Published on: Tue 13, Mar 2018

The Tanzania debate tour was a climax part of the package which was awarded to the winning team of Kyambogo University to have a debate tour around Tanzania which was considered a case study in the region on the issues of National Unity and in that case Tanzania was chosen as the case study in the region. This year the tour happened from the 28th February - 4th March 2018.

This program is about is about interesting university students from Uganda in finding out how other students elsewhere in the region address the disunity questions and what exactly would be their role in ensuring national unity

Also the tour aimed at helping the winners to visit and learn more on the integration of East Africa as a community with common markets, and visions as one people.

The students selected for the program were 3 and included the following

  1. SHABIL OJAMBO WABWIRE from Kyambogo University
  2. SSEGAWA IVAN SABASTIAN from Kyambogo University
  3. MPAATA HANIFAH from Makerere University Business School

These were accompanied by two staff members of Open Space Centre that is KAKAIRE ASHIRAF and BALIRUNO JOEL TAMALE who was the head of Mission to Tanzania, Arusha in particular.

Arrival in Arusha,Tanzania

The Tanzania debate tour begun with the team meeting at the United Nations Mechanism for the International Criminal Tribunals(MICT) hosted in Arusha which was established on the 22/Dec/2010 by the UN Security Council to continue the jurisdiction, rights obligations and essential functions of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) as well as the International Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) after completion of their respective mandates .The reason for this visit was to first of all understand and appreciate the extent to which disunity at some point did affect Rwanda particularly in the genocide and the region in general.

The team at MICT
The team in Session at MICT as its being facilitated by Mr.Ousman Njikam


The Second engagement of the day was visiting and interacting with the AFRICAN COURT ON HUMAN AND PEOPLE’S RIGHTS

At the African court


The team in bid of understanding more of the Unity question had a visit and interaction with the African Court on Human and People’s Rights which sits in Arusha and was taken through the proceedings and functions of this only and First of its kind in Africa.  Most of the problems and cases of Disunity are brought to book in this Court and we learnt what could be done incase Disunity arises.

Visiting African Court

The Last engagement occurred at the East African Community Headquarters



Visiting the EAC

While at the East African mother body of the East African states of Uganda , Kenya ,Tanzania ,Rwanda , Sudan, the team met with the legal officer who took them through the work and duties of the community but here much concentration was put on the East African Court of Justice with the vision of a world class court dispensing quality justice for a united and prosperous community. The team was advised to always make use of it in case of any disputes that may be caused by disunity so as to get a fair trial.


The Visit to Masai Markets.

For the love of adventure and exploring, the team lastly decided to visit the Masai African Markets where they had a chance of doing some shopping of valuables as a way of appreciating the African element of creative art and fashions.


Visiting the Masai Market




Having come from the Pearl of Africa, the cold temperatures were tempting to the team and the team would not leave without walking through the small forests found in the city center of Arusha and this walk to the hotel took over 2 hours that saw the team enjoy the atmosphere within this forest hence deep appreciation for nature.


Taking a forest walk in Arusha