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  • 2020

    Open Space initiates a campaign for Meaningful participation of youth in ongoing processes and interventions around the Covid19 Response in Uganda
  • 2019

    Open Space celebrates 10 years of youth engagement by opening up a one stop Youth Information and Training Hub at its Secretariat
  • 2018

    Project Soar signs a partnership with Open Space to launch the signature Project Soar teenage girls empowerment program in 5 sites in Uganda
  • 2017

    Crossing Borders and CISU kick off annual grants to Open Space for youth debate and SDGs awareness in high schools and local communities
  • 2016

    The Youth Manifesto 2016 is Launched at the 6th Annual National Youth Festival as part of the activities for peaceful and meaningful youth engagement in the 2016 Uganda elections
  • 2015

    The National Endowment for Democracy kicks off its annual grants to Open Space for Student Debates and Dialogue Training Programs
  • 2014

    Open Space extends its work to Northern Uganda with support from International Alert collecting youth voices as part of the review process for the National Youth Policy
  • 2013

    YALI Mandela Washington Fellowship Program is Launched in Uganda by US Ambassador Scott DeLisi at the 3rd Annual National Youth Festival
  • 2012

    Open Space launches Imagine Uganda campaign to commemoration Uganda’s 50th independence anniversary engaging over 5000 youth to generate the youth vision 2062
  • 2011

    The Annual National Youth Festival is Inaugurated with 4 youth members of parliament, 40 youth focused organisations and more than 1000 interacting with each other.
  • 2010

    University Debate Championship and Training Camp Inaugurated with 13 universities and 52 student debaters trained
  • 2009

    Student Debate Program Initiated in Makerere University through a partnership with Open Society Foundation (Youth Action Fund)

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